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The GMC Denali SUV: Blending Luxury and Utility

Published on Nov 25, 2023 by Chevy of Perry Team

For many SUV shoppers, there comes a moment of choice. Often, one must select a vehicle that is luxurious or a vehicle that is practical. But GMC has discovered that a blend of high-end touches and features built for everyday utility is nigh impossible. 


Discover the GMC Denali SUV. This is GMC’s answer to discerning drivers who expect their rides to be practical, functional, and offer unrivaled craftsmanship. 

What is a GMC Denali SUV?

The Denali trim package is GMC’s highest level trim attainable. It sits atop the trim list, alongside the company’s standard and AT4 trims. 


This premiere trim is available across all of the company’s popular SUV models, including: 

  • Yukon 
  • Acadia 
  • Terrain 
  • Sierra 

How Much is a GMC Denali SUV?

If you are wondering how much is a GMC Denali, it always pays to do your homework. 


Prices range, depending on which model you select. But according to Kelly Blue Book, these are the latest Denali values: 

Why is the GMC Denali Trim Expensive?

GMC has put their highest level of craftsmanship into their GMC Denali SUV trims. These are no workaday trucks. Everything from exterior flourishes to interior comfort has been considered, crafted, and perfected. And with that level of attention inevitably comes a higher price tag. 

What is in the Denali Package?

What is in the Denali package depends on the SUV model. Each of GMC’s SUV models offers a different list of premium features. 


Let’s use the Yukon model as an example. Discover what sorts of premium features you’d find in the GMC Denali SUV trim. Here are some of the premium Yukon Denali features: 


  • 3D grille aesthetic 
  • Dual exhaust 
  • 22” wheels 
  • Power-retractable, illuminated assist steps 
  • And more 


Certainly, these Yukon Denali features are second to none when compared with the vehicle’s lower trim levels. 


For another example, the Sierra model offers similar touches. GMC Sierra Denali features include: 


  • Embossed interiors 
  • CarbonPro™ composite bed 
  • SuperCruise hands-free driving 
  • And more 


These GMC Sierra Denali features are sure to make an impression when you test drive. 


No matter which model you choose, prepare to be wowed by premium GMC Denali features you won’t find anywhere else. 

What is the Denali Ultimate Package?

The Denali Ultimate package is new for model year 2024, and includes extra GMC Denali features, including: 


  • Greater low end torque 
  • Better fuel injection 
  • High tech trailering assistance 
  • And more 


Those wondering what is the Denali Ultimate package should compare the full feature list to regular Denali models. 

Discover the GMC Denali SUV at Seth Wadley Chevrolet

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