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GMC vs. Chevy: Comparing Two Sides of the Same Coin

Published on Nov 25, 2023 by Seth Wadley Team

Many of our customers seem befuddled by the same question. Specifically: GMC vs Chevy. We are regularly asked “Are GMC and Chevy the same thing?” 


Let’s get this out of the way at the top: no, GMC and Chevy are not the same company. Instead, both companies are considered sub-brands. They are both owned by General Motors. This is probably what caused the confusion in the first place (the “GM” of “GMC” refers to “General Motors”). 


But surely there are other differences between the two sub-brands than just namesake. Let’s explore some additional things that reject the question of are GMC and Chevy are the same. 


GMC sells numerous models under its sub-brand name, including: 


  • The GMC Sonoma pickup truck 
  • The GMC Sierra full-size pickup 
  • The GMC Yukon SUV 
  • And more. 


In contrast, Chevrolet offers: 



While both brands are known for their steadfast trucks, their lineups are notably distinct. 


In general, GMC cars and trucks tend to be slightly more expensive than their Chevrolet counterparts. This is due to their slightly more premium features and finishes. This includes elements like GMC safety features and more. 


As an example, compare Chevrolet’s High Country vs the Denali from GMC. We won’t offer a full spec list. But surely, comparing the two car sub-brands is fairly straightforward. Let's consider the High Country vs the Denali. 


The Yukon Denali starts at $74,805, while the Silverado High Country starts at $73,200. The Chevy safety assist is sure to be seen as a must have feature. However, GMC’s truck offers safety as well as several bells and whistles, such as: 

  • Super Cruise technology, 
  • A non-plastic flatbed, and 
  • The biggest digital display in its class. 


Truly, truck shoppers looking for peak domestic luxury should consider GMC models. However, cost-conscious shoppers will do well to consider a Chevy. 

Brand Identity

Both GMC and Chevy are beloved by American truck enthusiasts who love domestic ruggedness and reliability. However, much like the price distinction, GMC trucks tend to cater to more luxury-minded shoppers. Chevys, on the other hand, are tailored for your average American truck buyer. 

Is GMC Better than Chevy?

This age-old question sparks a lot of debate. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference. 


Do you like to spend extra to get a truck’s best offerings like GMC safety features? Or do you prefer more conscious spending on reliability? There’s no way to definitively answer if GMC is better than Chevy. It all comes down to your style, your budget, and your test drive. 

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